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About the Film

“Mary, Life After Jesus”, will bring to the big screen some of the greatest mysteries and miracles of Christianity, depicting the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion.  This story will include the dangers she and her son’s followers faced in Jerusalem in the years after Jesus’ brutal execution, including her escape in the company of St. John, Jesus’ beloved disciple.  “Mary, Life After Jesus” is one of the most fascinating stories ever told in cinematic history. It will be the missing piece of history that follows Mel...

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Is your movie out yet?

Interview of Noel Micaleff, of Izmir, Turkey, the President of the Dernek of Mother Mary (owners of the House of Mary).

This seems to be the million dollar question!  It’s not that easy.  Recently Bill and Shannon had the pleasure of meeting with Aimee Larrabee, director and producer of “WE THE PEOPLE,” a fabulous documentary about the U.S. Constitution playing in IMAX theatres nationwide. Aimee gave us some great insight to what lies ahead for us, and she was very excited to help in any way she could. Aimee shared with us that her journey from concept to screen was a 10-year project, not uncommon in this business! So it looks like...

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Film Photos

  • Interview of Noel Micaleff, of Izmir, Turkey, the President of the Dernek of Mother Mary (owners of the House of Mary).
  • Photographer Shaun Cloud of SC Motion & Stills, LLC walks up Bulbul Dagh Mountain with Producer Shannon Knopke, on the path that Mary may have walked 2,000 years ago.
  • Actress and film-maker Shannon Knopke, President of Meryem Ana Productions, LLC.
  • Shaun Cloud and Shannon Knopke set up a photo shoot of the Aegean Sea, as it looks from atop Bulbul Dagh Mountain in Turkey.
  • Producer Shannon Knopke speaks at a fundraiser for the film in December 2012, attended by over 60 people who saw a sneak peek of the “trailer” for the film.
  • Mary’s House in Ephesus, also known as Meryem Ana Evi (the Home of the Virgin Mary) by the locals in Turkey, both a Muslim and Christian shrine.
  • Shannon Knopke prepares Most Reverend Ruggero Franceschini, the Archbishop of Izmir, Turkey (formerly Smyrna) for his film interview.
  • Fr. Paolo Raffaele, resident Capuchin priest at Ephesus, Turkey, talks with Shannon Knopke about the film project.
  • Bill Quatman and screenwriter David M. O'Neill at Mary's House (Sept. 8, 2014)