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Is your movie out yet?

This seems to be the million dollar question!  It’s not that easy. 

Recently Bill and Shannon had the pleasure of meeting with Aimee Larrabee, director and producer of “WE THE PEOPLE,” a fabulous documentary about the U.S. Constitution playing in IMAX theatres nationwide. Aimee gave us some great insight to what lies ahead for us, and she was very excited to help in any way she could. Aimee shared with us that her journey from concept to screen was a 10-year project, not uncommon in this business! So it looks like we are not-quite half way there, after 3-years! (Although we’d love to see it playing in a theatre near you next Summer.)

What have we been doing? In January, a local law firm hosted a fundraiser in Kansas City. Then, in February, we traveled to London for two fundraising events hosted by Baroness Rosario de Mandat-Grancey and Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd.  There was considerable excitement in London and the trip was very productive in raising funds to continue the development of this film! We were honored with the presence of royalty (Princess Rosario of Bulgaria) and many attendees from across Europe. The interest and excitement about our film was very reassuring that we are on the right path. We have also had interest from a potential sponsor in Spain and another in Texas, both with international name recognition.

We also recently signed a contract with New York native and screenwriter Douglas Delaney to write a feature film “treatment.”  We had a work session with Doug in April to discuss character development and how to tell such a compelling storing with so many moving pieces in a cohesive manner.  Doug’s mind was spinning with ideas and couldn’t believe all that we had to share!  He felt certain we had a story that people needed to see.

We are also currently working on a business plan, schedule and budget for our film. Shannon will be traveling to LA in June to have the treatment reviewed by our attorney and consulting producers. Once this is completed, we will be ready to meet with investors and larger production companies.

Have you noticed all the Biblical films in theaters? “Son of God,” “Noah” just to mention a few. The timing is right to take “Mary, Life After Jesus” to the big screen!

We are constantly reminded that we have an original story here, and the support of so many friends like you who want to see Mary’s life revealed.  We are committed to this for the long haul, and are so thankful for your support.  The journey continues one step at a time in the business of filmmaking!

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and interest.  We couldn’t do this with out the support of our families, friends and community, for that we are sincerely grateful!


Film Photos

  • Interview of Noel Micaleff, of Izmir, Turkey, the President of the Dernek of Mother Mary (owners of the House of Mary).
  • Photographer Shaun Cloud of SC Motion & Stills, LLC walks up Bulbul Dagh Mountain with Producer Shannon Knopke, on the path that Mary may have walked 2,000 years ago.
  • Actress and film-maker Shannon Knopke, President of Meryem Ana Productions, LLC.
  • Shaun Cloud and Shannon Knopke set up a photo shoot of the Aegean Sea, as it looks from atop Bulbul Dagh Mountain in Turkey.
  • Producer Shannon Knopke speaks at a fundraiser for the film in December 2012, attended by over 60 people who saw a sneak peek of the “trailer” for the film.
  • Mary’s House in Ephesus, also known as Meryem Ana Evi (the Home of the Virgin Mary) by the locals in Turkey, both a Muslim and Christian shrine.
  • Shannon Knopke prepares Most Reverend Ruggero Franceschini, the Archbishop of Izmir, Turkey (formerly Smyrna) for his film interview.
  • Fr. Paolo Raffaele, resident Capuchin priest at Ephesus, Turkey, talks with Shannon Knopke about the film project.
  • Bill Quatman and screenwriter David M. O'Neill at Mary's House (Sept. 8, 2014)