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The Diary of Helena Hofmann

In the early 1900’s, a German woman kept a diary of the remarkable life of a Belgian stigmatic woman named Rosalie Put.  The author, Helena Hofmann, was the daughter of a prominent physician and inventor from Burgsteinfurt, and a devout Christian. Due to a chance meeting, she came into contact with the remarkable Rosalie Put, who suffered from the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion each Friday, bleeding from her forehead, palms, feet and side.  Vatican officials interviewed Ms. Put at her home in Lummen, Belgium and reported to Pope Pius X on her miraculous condition. Moveover, Rosalie Put had visions of the location of the tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the hillside in Ephesus.  The diary has been published in German, Dutch and French but never before in English. TEF has obtained the exclusive copyrights to publish the English edition of the Hofmann diary, coupled with other writings from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and others about the life of Mary in Ephesus.

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  • Haus Loreto Convent, built by Helena Hofmann.
  • Original edition of the published Hofmann diary, titled “Rosalie Put.”
  • Second, 1980 edition of Hofmann diary in Dutch.
  • The 1990 version of the Hofmann diary by the Swiss publisher, Christiana.
  • Rosalie Put, the stigmatic of Lummen, Belgium.
  • Rosalie Put’s tombstone in Lummen Cemetery, etched with the Way of the Cross, as appeared in Ephesus (and on Rosalie’s arm during her stigmata).
  • Foundation Board Member, Georgia Lynch, at the grave of Helena Hofmann, Haus Loreto Convent, Burgsteinfurt, Germany.
  • Grave of Helena Hofmann (1845 - 1931), Burgsteinfurt, Germany.